Yale..Prof Derek Briggs..and delusion 2

Yale..Prof Derek Briggs..and delusion

I literally demanded my DNA test results and cat scans and physical specimens and anatomist testimony and chemical analysis and spectral analysis and microscopy and recreated the process in the lab and documents ..videos ..papers and an offer to deliver these factual items to Yale…I asked then demanded and was told an OPINION held by Prof Derek Briggs was sufficient to invalidate that evidence. He has since authored a paper claiming discovery of these same type fossils… and he knew this YEARS ago but still refuses my evidence. IMO he is delusional and not a fiduciary to his paying students and thinks teaching his opinions is ok. IMO…Derek Briggs is a deluded criminal as Fiduciary failure is a legal issue. He has STOLEN our true history and gets excited about finding a soft bodied crab.


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